CFIS 2022


Eric De Carvalho

Eric De Carvalho is a fire and gas safety engineer at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. He has specialized in safety of new marine fuels and risk analysis. Since 2020, he has been leading WP04 “Formal Safety Assessment” for the LASH FIRE project.

Therese Bornemann Christensen

Therese Bornemann is graduated from SIMAC as Dual-Purpose Ship’s Officer, marine chief engineer and master mariner line, Bachelor. She worked as a navigator at DFDS, Marine engineer at DFDS and ship surveyor at The Danish Maritime Authority. Currently she is a Special Advisor Technical regulation in the Danish Maritime Authority

Davood Zeinali

Dr. Davood Zeinali is a research scientist at RISE Fire Research in Norway, holding a PhD in Fire Safety Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium, currently leading the fire detection research in the international project of LASH FIRE. Before joining RISE, Davood was a postdoctoral researcher at LEMTA in France, studying fire containment using water mist and fabric curtains.

Tuula Hakkarainen

Dr. Tuula Hakkarainen is Principal Scientist and Project Manager at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Her PhD thesis (2002) dealt with the fire safety assessment of construction products. She is experienced in the assessment of fire performance of materials and products for buildings and vehicles, smoke gas analysis and toxicity aspects of fire effluents, computational estimation of fire classification, and experimental studies. Tuula Hakkarainen is an author or co-author of over 100 publications, 35 of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals or conference proceedings.

Jaime Bleye

Jaime Bleye, seaman and nautical engineer. Is the head of the firefighting area at Jovellanos Training Centre, Salvamento Maritimo (SAS). He has specialized in marine firefighting operations, publishing a “Manual about interventions of land firefighters on board vessels” edited by the Port Authority in Spain. He has working in previous EU Projects and now is leading WP06 “Manual interventions” in the LASHFIRE.

Jonna Hynynen

Dr. Jonna Hynynen is a research scientist at Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE. Her research is focused on topics related to fire safety of lithium-ion batteries. She holds a PhD in materials chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Dr. Jonna Hynynen has published several papers, is co-owner in two patent applications and has had both national and international collaborations. She has a strong background in chemical analysis and materials processing both from academia and industry.

Vasudev Ramachandra

Vasudev Ramachandra is a masters graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, majoring in Electric Power Engineering, Vasudev Ramachandra is an Engineer at the Dept. Safety and Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. His experiences are focused around lithium-ion batteries and their electrical safety. Apart from working on sizing and designing battery packs and distribution grids for concept ro-ro/ro-pax vessels, Vasudev currently works on mathematical and simulation models to study external short circuits in battery packs.